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Play Blackjack at the Online Casinos


Blackjack is the table game of choice for many casino players. The rules of the game are simple, the house doesn't have a great edge, and sometimes you can even find a way to put the odds in your favor - if they don't catch you.

Movies like 21 glamorize the game, as if it needed any help.

Blackjack tables are popular with online casino players as well. And, the online casinos have found some interesting ways to keep their Blackjack enthusiasts happy. They've twisted the game into ways that were never thought of before, and now I can say that playing blackjack online is probably the way to go if you are a blackjack enthusiast.

Traditional Blackjack play is available at almost every single casino online. here are some interesting variations of the game that are also available . . .

Tournament Blackjack
That's right, play blackjack in a tournament setting. Instead of it being you against the house, it is now how well you do against the house compared to how well your opponents do against the house.

In a blackjack tournament each player begins with the same amount of chips. They then play through a series of blackjack hands, and after a set number of hands, some players are eliminated. This continues until one man is left standing.

The strategy for playing blackjack in a tournament differs from simply playing against the house, so be on the lookout for the subtle differences that can transform you into a winner at the tournament tables.

Blackjack Switch
In this variation of blackjack each player is dealt two hands that they play at the same time. that's not too unique. What makes it special is that the players are given the chance to switch the second cards from one hand to the other.

Imagine having one blackjack hand of [6, 10] and another of [10, 5]. Who really wants to have to play a hand of 16 and a hand of 15?

In Blackjack Switch, you can swap the second cards and play one hand of [6, 5] and one hand of [10, 10]. That is much better! I'd happily double down on my hand of 11, and stand pat on my hand of 20.

Choose your Setup
There are a ton of variations in the game of online blackjack that you can choose between. for example, you can find games where they offer surrender, or those that don't. You can choose between 6 deck games and 4 deck games, tables where both of the dealer's cards are exposed, and tables where the dealer hits on soft 17.

If you can think of a way to tweak what started as a simple game of 21, the casinos are probably offering it.

Progressive Jackpot
Just like the Bad Beat jackpot at a poker table, there is a version of blackjack being dealt online that has a progressive jackpot attached to it.

Pontoon and Beyond
While the game is called blackjack, there are variations of it like Pontoon and Spanish 21. As i said before, there are so many ways to play the game of 21 that it's nearly mind-boggling.