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Single Deck Blackjack Online


Obviously single deck blackjack is not the norm these days Most blackjack dealers are using four or six decks at a time, even online.

But, you can find single deck blackjack being dealt, if you look in the right places.

  • Microgaming Single Deck Blackjack vs Dealer
    • Cryptologic Single Deck Blackjack
    • Microgaming Single Deck Blackjack
      - No U.S.

      Microgaming Casinos like Blackjack Ballroom and Vegas Towers have two versions of single deck blackjack that they deal.

      The first is "Classic Blackjack". Here are the rules:

      • One 52-card deck is used
      • The deck is re-shuffled after each hand
      • Dealer draws to soft 17's and stands on hard 17's
      • Doubling is NOT after splitting allowed
      • You can only Double on 9, 10, 11
      • No re-splitting of cards allowed
      • No surrender
      • Insurance is offered

      Microgaming casinos also offer these two single deck blackjack games . . .

      Cryptologic Single Deck Blackjack
      - No U.S.

      V.I.P. Casino and Intercasino both use the same casino software (provided by Cryptologic), and that includes a single deck Blackjack game.

      Here are the rules for the game:

      • One 52-card deck is used
      • The deck is re-shuffled after each hand
      • Dealer draws to soft 17's and stands on hard 17's
      • Doubling after splitting allowed
      • No re-splitting of cards allowed
      • No surrender
      • Only one additional card allowed on each ace when splitting a pair of aces

      The second of the rules is the main problem if you were relying on counting cards to get an even better edge in the game. So, even though they've slimmed down the shoe to one deck, they still reshuffle after every single hand.

      How can you overcome that?

      Well, there is a place online that deals blackjack that encourages card counting. But, these casinos aren't silly. Instead of allowing players to compete against the house, the casinos are pitting the players against each other in a tournament setting.

      Single Deck Blackjack Tournaments

      Microgaming has upgraded their software to provide tournament play for their casino games, including blackjack. So, one place where you'll see single deck blackjack online is in one of the Microgaming blackjack tournaments.

      They vary the rules from tournament to tournament - so do not take for granted that the tournaments you see in the lobby of your favorite Microgaming casino is going to be a single deck event.

      But, I've seen tournaments run at one of their casinos where the game was single deck blackjack and the entire shoe was dealt. Currently my favorite Microgaming has a 2 deck blackjack game being dealt (in a tournament format) that deals the entire shoe.

      So - sign up at a Microgaming casino and keep an eye on the tournament lobby. When something pops up where you think you'll have the advantage because of your card counting skills, make a deposit and enter!