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Progressive Roulette Game - Roulette Royale


Roulette is one of the classier, and more exciting table games offered at the casinos. Even though players can land big winners at the game, there is a way to kick things up a notch. Microgaming has added a Progressive Jackpot to one of their virtual roulette wheels on the Roulette Royale game.

The game is a classic European roulette wheel, which means that there is a single zero spce, but no double zero space. That offers better odds to the player.

They progressive jackpot is fed by a mandatory side bet that players must make with each spin. The bet is $1.

Pieces of the jackpot are awarded each time the ball lands in the same number on consecutive throws. So, if you're playing and the ball lands on the red five two times in a row, you've won on the side bet. The payouts for the progressive jackpot side bet are as follows . . .

Roulette Royale Payout Schedule
Numbers in Succession Payout
5 Progressive Jackpot
4 3,000
3 200
2 15

The house edge for all of the regular bets on a European roulette table is 2.7%. Players usually bring their own strategies to the table to try to overcome this edge.

Progressive Roulette Odds and Jackpot Total

The house has an edge of 40.58% on the side bet on the Roulette Royale table - BUT, that edge is reduced by 0.52% for every $10,000 in the jackpot. That means the bigger the jackpot, the better the odds for the player on the progressive jackpot side bet.

So, check the progressive jackpot ticker for the Roulette Royale game on the left. Take advantage of the times that the jackpot is large enough to put the odds in the players favor!

Where to Play Roulette Royale?

The game is only being offered at microgaming casinos, which means that players from the U.S. will have a hard time finding a place to play. Anyone from outside of the U.S. can choose from some of the better microgaming casino offers listed on the right.


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