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Where Can I Find a Roulette Bonus Online?


Can I Play Roulette and Win at an Online Casino?
Yes. You make the bets, hit the winners, rack up the chips, and cash them out at the end of the session. No problems.

But, if you want to take advantage of a casino bonus, and do it playing roulette, that's a different story.

Every Online Casino I Go to Says Wagering at Roulette Doesn't Count Towards the Bonus!
I've been there. They offer a bonus, and then say you can cash it out when you've wagered so much at the casino. Then they say that playing roulette or blackjack doesn't count. What does that leave a roulette player to do?

Free Casino Time - No Game Restrictions
One option is to take advantage of one of the Free Casino Time offers and play all the roulette you want during the bonus time. You can run any system you'd like, and the starting bankroll is on the house

Some of these offers give you $1,000 or more to start with!

Once our bonus time is up, just play the slots until you've met your wagering requirement - then cash out the winnings. It's not hard to play slots - you can't get it wrong.

There are banners for the leading "free casino time" offers on the left of the page.

Another option is to find a . . .

Roulette Friendly Casino Bonus

As always, check with the casino website to make sure that terms haven't changed overnight, but if you're looking for casinos where they count play at the roulette tables as part of your wagering requirement to get at the bonus money, here are some roulette friendly bonus offers.

Roulette Friendly Casino Bonus All Slots Casino is offering a HUGE sign up bonus - and play on American Roulette counts 100% towards a bonus wagering requirement!!

Play on the other versions of roulette, and there are plenty of them counts 50% towards your wagering requirement to turn bonus money into cash you can withdraw.

If you're already a player at AllSlots, and want a bonus, try Wild Jack or All Jackpots instead. The casinos are part of the same "group" and offer the same playthrough, so you can enjoy time playing roulette while working on bringing both your winnings, and that bonus home.

Vegas Towers is running a promotion where you can play any game, including roulette. The money is put right into your bonus account, and wagers on American Roulette count 75% towards your wagering requirment for cashing out the obnus money and keeping it.

If you prefer to play a different style of roulette, it will count 40% towards the wagering requirement. while 75% and 40% aren't as good as 100%, they are a LOT better than "playing roulette does not count towards your wagering requirement".

Inspiration for the Article on Finding Roulette Bonuses Online
A friend of mine sent me an email the other day. He found a roulette system that he wanted to try, and he didn't feel like driving the 3 1/2 hours to the casinos. So, he wanted to know if I could find him a place to play online.

I told him "Absolutely, but it might take an hour". That's because most of the online casinos are not very friendly to roulette players. Sure, they'll let someone play, but when it comes to giving them bonuses like they do for slots players, things get a little sticky.

In roulette you can make a "no risk wager" by putting the right amount of chips on red, black, and the zero spaces. So, many casinos simply decided not to count wagers on the roulette table as "play at the casino" in terms of a wagering requirement for bonuses.

Thankfully, some of the online casinos treat their roulette players as valued customers.